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RAC Warranty

We prepare our vehicles to the highest standards in the business. Our own purpose built, fully equipped workshops are approved by the RAC. All vehicles are extensively road tested, evaluated and appraised during the preparation process. Despite this, occasionally the unforeseen can occur, and so, should anything go wrong, you can be assured of the very best assistance. Supported by our partners at the RAC, help is available 24/7, and if necessary we have a range of courtesy vehicles available to keep you on the road.

We are an RAC Assured Dealer, meaning that you can buy your next vehicle in confidence.

For customers wanting to further insure themselves against mechanical breakdown beyond our standard warranty period, we offer a range of RAC Warranty products as below, which can provide a varying level of cover on mechanical and electrical components, for up to four years'. Call today for a quote on your extended warranty requirements.

Platinum Warranty Coverage

As part of the Agreement we include maintenance due to failure of certain parts, including maintenance repairs required following a manufacturer's service, as listed under the heading 'Parts which are included'. A failure is the failure of a component to perform its normal function.

Parts which are included:

All mechnical and electrical partsAll mechanical and electrical parts are included for failure to perform their normal function on the vehicle together with:

Turbo (Factory fitted)All Failures due to carbonisation are not covered including the Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT) or Wastegate Actuator or any other part of the Turbo. Foreign object damage is not covered on any turbo claim.

Catalytic Converter & Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Air Conditioning / Climate Control (Factory fitted)

In car entertainment (Factory Fitted) up to a maximum of £100 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request.

Key Remote Fobs and Key Cards (up to a maximum of £100 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request).

Timing beltsProvided there is proof that the manufacturer's replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from contamination.

CasingCylinder block, gearbox, transfer box, differentials and axle if they have been damaged by a failure of one of the included parts.

Additional benefits include;

  • £2,000 individual claim limit with unlimited claims
  • Full UK and European Coverage (Warranty only)
  • Available for 1, 2 or 3 years'
Breakdown Cover

Vehicle based policy:This covers the vehicle registered on the policy, which has to be the vehicle purchased from the dealer. The vehicle is covered whoever is driving.

Roadside and RecoveryIf your vehicle breaks down within the UK more than ¼ mile from your home, we will send help to repair the vehicle at the roadside. This could be a permanent or temporary repair. If we are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside, we will recover the vehicle and passengers to:

  • an approved garage; or
  • another local garage; or
  • a single destination of your choice within the UK.

A maximum recovery of 10 miles for a tyre fault, where the vehicle is not carrying a serviceable spare tyre, the tyre repair equipment provided by the vehicle's manufacturer or a locking wheel nut key.

Van Broken Down?

Being involved in a vehicle breakdown can be an upsetting experience - especially if you don't have breakdown cover in place. If your van has broken down or your van won't start, but you're not an RAC member, don't worry - we can still help you.

How? This guide will cover exactly what you need to do if your vehicle breaks down and you need instant breakdown cover - including clear, step-by-step instructions to help us get to you as soon as we can.

We'll also detail the benefits of RAC membership, and the level of breakdown cover you can expect from us

Broken Down without any Breakdown Cover?

If you've broken down and need immediate breakdown cover, don't panic. Stay calm and follow these five steps:

  • Call 0333 2000 999
  • Tell us where you are
  • We'll help if you've broken down or your vehicle won't start
  • Join RAC for the year - prices will differ from those online and we'll add an emergency callout charge
  • You can choose your breakdown package but for the first 24 hours you'll be on Roadside assistance only